British Disabled Water-ski & Wakeboard Association is a charitable company limited by guarantee. The Association is established for the purposes expressed in the Memorandum of Association.


The management of the affairs of the BDWWA is controlled by an elected Management Committee (board of trustees), in accordance with the policy formulated by the members.


The BDWWA trustees are united by their wish to provide opportunities, support, equipment and facilities to enable all disabled individuals to participate in the sports of water-skiing and wakeboarding.


Together, our trustees make sure they are accountable to everyone involved in the BDWWA’s work and that what we do is within the law

Current Management Committee

(2018/ 19)

Robin Nichols - Chairman

Gordon Bloor - Company Secretary

Bridget Campbell - Treasurer

Jane Sowerby *

Stephanie Kaye *

Marta Rudyk *

* indicates disabled members

From left to right:

Gordon Bloor, Jane Sowerby, Stephanie Kaye, Hilary Birkinshaw, Robin Nichols, Bridget Campbell

Registered charity no. 1063678