The British Disabled Water Ski team and its individual members have a history of excellence in International competition.  The British team have attended all of the World and European Championships, held on alternate years across the Globe and Continent respectively.  In the years since the inaugural World Trophy in 1987 and subsequent start of official IWSF World championships in 1993, Britain have been crowned World Champions on numerous occasions and were crowned European Champions every year until 2009!  Many world records are still held by current and former British team members.

Claire Ellis is currently the only athlete representing The British Disabled Water Ski team at an international level. Claire has been the Overall Ladies World Champion for the last xxxx years. It is remarkable that Claire continues to improve her own world records while most of the other competitors did not manage to reach the level of the existing records.

Claire also dedicates a lot of time coaching BDWWA members at Heron lake, hopefully inspiring new skiers to follow in her footsteps

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